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Choose your dream break with MAS

Name: Chris Rogers
Position: Regional Director
Company: ICLP

"Everyone loves a free flight, and for years airlines have played on this - witness the role of frequent flyer programmes in using spare capacity as a motivating reward. More recently, we have seen a spate of online activity from airlines aimed at increasing awareness and collecting e-mail addresses for future contact."

"Malaysian Airlines' recent 'Choose your Dream Holiday' promotion caught my eye for its simplicity and awareness in the market. In the heady days of the net boom, people thought promotions like these could rely upon using online media only. But through partners Fortune, TIME, CNN and Web Guru Asia, Malaysia's national carrier has scored with this one."

"Here's why. Firstly, there's a motivating reward - yes, we all like Business Class travel - in this case to four desirable getaway destinations - Sydney, Paris, Langkawi and Shanghai - with lots of added value thrown in. Offline communication through print and TVCs also drive people online and avoid the mistake of relying completely on online media. The site is clean and simple thanks to Web Guru Asia, and an innovative referral mechanic gets you engaged in the programme by offering extra draw entries for friends who clicked through from the referred e-mail. You could even be updated on how many of your friends had got involved and badger them, if they hadn't."

"The outcome? The campaign had considerable success in terms of creating awareness and acquiring e-mail addresses, I believe. It will be down to the follow-up plan to see what real quality comes out of the data."

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